Goals and Desires

I have been trying to find what I really want in life since a long time. It has been a confusing journey of ups and downs. Starting this semester, I had a few things on my mind.

Before starting here, I worked in advertising for almost three years as a Copywriter. The set of skills I believe I got from my work experience are team work and spirit, and also the understanding of how films are shot and produced, what I required on set and other knowledge of the everyday working of this complex field of media. I learnt how to make decisions on spot and how to represent my brands. I learnt how writing was different when you wrote to sell. I loved being on the set, it was so exciting. But at the end of it, I was just a writer and that was not enough.

I love reading and watching things. I love meeting new people, I love calling the shots. To get into film-making is the dream I have come so far to follow. I want to bring into action and capture people with stories I’ve read, heard or thought of. I love the expanse to create art that would be possible based on the openness of the culture and great appreciation of Cinema, here in Melbourne. I don’t want to just write you a story, I want to show you it through a model’s eye, an actor’s lisp, the sounds of the fantasies in your head. This is the reason I took up this course, as a way to guide me into this field. I don’t want that perfect placement, rather I want to discover and improve my set of skills.

For now, from semester one, I want just the acknowledgement that my decision has been sound and, the basic knowledge of what I would require to be in this field, as a film director. I also want to choose between the vast variety of films out there as right now, I have no clue what I would enjoy the most. I want a little of everything, selfishly. This is my life changing decision and I am looking forward to learning everything.


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