Writing – What you don’t think of

Writing has always been something that just flows naturally out of me. I’ve always known how to make my text look beautiful, sound appealing and capture someone’s attention. Unfortunately, my mother never fell for it. She always said that I repeat myself, make no more than one point at most times and use fancy words and devices to say nothing important. I always replied with, “Hey, I work in advertising, that makes me good at my job!”. Truthfully though, I never really understood what she meant and kept trying to write better and better, trying to impress her.

Reading about reflective writing, I think I finally understood what she meant. I’ve never really done reading of this sort before because hey, why would a writer think he needs to read about writing, right? Wrong, I did learn so much about it by just reading Jenny’s article.

Now that I am the master of reflective writing (HA!) I am ready to conquer everything I read today. What I think I really got from the article (you can find a link in my references section), was that it is a complex process where you can’t just summarize everything or sell the same idea or activity through a different medium or in this case, a different blog page. Research is a great place to start. What out there is similar to this? What was the creator really trying to tell you or sell to you? What techniques did he use and what else can be used? Others who have done the same thing but used different ways to do it?

What I would do next is sit with a pen and notebook, switch off that really interesting laptop screen I have been staring at all day, and think. What did I get out of it? What I liked and didn’t like? Would I do it differently and how? What do I want to get across at the end of the day?

I also loved the part that tries to tell us that this entire process can be used for understanding and learning different things, in a manner of self-growth or enlightenment. Sometimes, you can reflect on somethings and have a clearer picture of what you really understood from it. Our minds are so complex and this is a great way of simplifying things. Adding to the thought, I think it helps putting all our thoughts more easily into words which might not be the case if I was just ranting. It helps in finding answers, the mysteries in the deep recesses of our complicated minds. It is definitely more than just a pretty blog out there, and also makes for great conversations and boosting confidence just because you have so much more to say.

I do not necessarily agree that other’s point of views are an important component for your writing. It may be interesting what you can hear from others as a way to reflect or change your view on a topic but that can take stage at a later time as you discuss your reflection through conversations on social media, on your blog page or even at a bar with your friends. I feel writing reflectively is about your thoughts and how you see something. Leaving it open to being coloured differently is a better way of getting another man’s opinion rather than trying to say it all in one 300 word blog. It is definitely a choice which if not used, does not take away from what you have put out there.

This is an article I found on wiki how which I feel is more relevant to our course, ‘Sound and Image’ and might work as a great guide while writing about movie scenes and such.


So, what do you think mom?




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