Keyboard Shortcuts on Premier CS5.5 – Unleash Your True Potential


This year, I’ve suddenly gone from not knowing any Adobe softwares to using quiet a few for my Master of Media course. I was aware of shortcuts I use on the usual Word file or so and Adobe softwares have a lot of these similar ones. It was actually quiet easy to get into the habit of using these shortcuts. It’s a great time and energy saver and definitely helps keep frustration levels on a down low.

Using Premier, I’ve been using a lot of shortcuts for in points, out points and insert clips, using the pen tool, zooming in and out and the usual cut, copy, paste and delete. But there are many more, quiet a long list of them which we can use. More than learning about the shortcuts themselves, I actually picked up the number of things you can do on Premier or other Adobe softwares. It’s pretty cool, almost like a funny epiphany on how far technology has gone. I can do anything!

Three shortcuts that I found cool and am using now are:

1. F5 (Capture) – Sometimes, you can be really stuck with something so easy. Screen capture, though fairly easy to do otherwise is a little different if you are using these softwares. The first time I wanted to use it as a reference, it took me ten minutes on the interenet looking for how to do it and I went through a long process of rendering out my video and then making a normal screen capture. Suprisingly or not, it is actually really simple. Just click F5. Epiphany, I’m telling ya!

2. Shift + ; (Next in Sequence) – Here is a different one you wouldn’t ever think of using a shortcut for, it’s just that simple. We end up clicking next next next a billion times to forward our clips and generally end up using our mouse to scroll, click on the next clip. Now all I do is shift and ; and I am there. Wierdly this will probably save the most amount of time on this program because of the amount of times we go from clip to clip. Add an alt there and you can go back to the previous clip.

3. Ctrl/Cmd + L (Loop) – Looping is amazing people. You have to see your work again and again and again to point out and fix all the small things on there. Just use this shortcut to make life easier and have your clip playing in a loop. Works wonders without distractions of rewinding and pressing play everytime.

Check out the ripple effect (B) as well. SO HELPFUL! More as a function though. There are loads more, but I get to write only about three. Until the next epiphany!


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