Pawel Pawlikowski

Reading Pawel Pawlikowski’s take on documentary making, I immediately took his thoughts as mine. I really liked the point he makes about enjoying films that make him think. I agree absolutely. I understand when you say cinema or film, most people see it as a couple of hours of switching off their brains, stepping out of ordinary life and experiencing entertainment at it’s best. But, as Pawlikowski points out – a film that makes you think does not have to be didactic or even boring. That is absolutely true. It’s wierd how many people would say no to watching documentaries all because they think they are going to be one long snooze fest. I on the other hand have found all kinds of documentaries in different genres which I am fascinated by. I think the thought is changing today, as we see a lot of the youth enjoying documentaries on youtube as well as a lot of documentaries being produced and released as feature films.

This brings me to the other really exciting point. According to Pawlikowski, most successful documentaries are those that are made by people with a lot of time like 5-10 years to follow their subject around. He also says that amaogst the amount of grub we have in the name of documentaries, they are going to fade out completely to be replaced by Feature documentaries. I don’t agree with the first point. I understand that most tragic stories are told over and over and seem to run into each other. I think it is about changing and potraying your content differently, bringing new content to the table and playing with your subject. Documentaries can be called realities from an eye as it is the eye of the maker which makes the difference. Feature documentaries – our future? I think so. We have some really great examples of reality filming in movies and it is absolutely amazing. I don’t think it s a point we should be put down by but an opening to more facets of filming and finally really mixing the world of reality with mind boggling creativity.


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