I thought about all the things I could blog about for my Sound and Image class. There was Tarantino’s chapters device, an amazing Newcastle beer commercial made about of storyboards, a book called “The great railway bazaar” and some compelling credits that make you stay back after a movie to watch the names of the crew. While I was thinking of all of this, I made the mistake of playing my favourite song. Helps me think and all, you know.

So, this blog is about my favourite song, because I thought I actually have this amazing chance to just blog about anything, so why not blog about what never fails to amaze me and get me up everyday. Passionflower by Jon Gomm.

Every once in a bit, you hear a song you have to add to your playlist. One which you know you’ll never get tired of listening to. It is the absolute force to be reckoned with! Passionflower just happens to be one such force. It is timeless and absolutely beautiful. The song is recorded only with Jon Gomm’s voice and his accoustic guitar, but I don’t think I have actually heard a more instrumental track. Who could have guessed that you can even make such sounds with a guitar. It’s like all the instruments rolled into one.

The technique of playing the guitar that I love the most is when he changes the tuning to make music. Music generally exists on very exact scales, and changes between them are never as drastic. I love that he does that. Like Leacock says, gotta break the rules!

Apart from his mind-blowing techniques of guitaring, he manages to convey so much emotion into one 6 minute song and the lyrics are not about love or war or anything you’d expect. They are fresh and encapturing. Straight from the soul, it’s poetry. How someONE can do this is something beyond me!

My favourite lines from the song are right at the end –

Weakness is not your weakness, you are what you grow into, you’re not what you were.

It’s beautifully said. The thought seduces you to smile and pull your head up. I can really relate to it but that’s a story for another time.

The videos to most or all of his songs are generally just him standing and playing. The camera pans in and out, focusing on his guitar playing, which I think is great if all he is showing are his techniques. But, Jon Gomm’s songs are so much more than just that. There’s poetry to spike your senses and depth for your emotions to fit themselves in to the very song. I wish he would also make some videos to go with his music because I sincerely something even more beautiful can come of it.

Other really good songs by him include Everything, Stupid Blues, Less to me and Wakun Motorcycle Kid.


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