Audio Expertise

From the first moment, Forbidden Lies uses a mixture of the romanticized musical reflection of the scene, a song that screams ’70’s music,’ and the exaggerated version of the sound effects pertaining to the respective scenes, for instance in the first few seconds we hear a bling sound, explaining the bling we see on one of the actor’s tooth. Intentionally, nothing has been left for the imagination. There are some moments though, where the audio has also been used to give out subtle hints. In the scene where Dr. Amal talks about the factual errors that the book has made, as soon as the book comes on the screen we hear a magical sparkle.

The only thing that remains loud and clear to me, throughout the video is that all the sounds have been recorded. There is no white noise. Each individual sound comes clear, it’s the same quality that we get with a shot gun mic.

The reason why the audio eventually came out so beautifully, for me, is that it really helped the video have a dialogue with the viewer on a serious social issue, in one of the most change-refusing places on earth, and simultaneously makes sure that you are never in a state of shock while the communication is being made. Throughout, the audio goes hand in hand with the jokes, and the subtle satire.

The exaggeration of the sound part achieves two thing for the video: it emphasizes on the dichotomy of the message, what you see is not the truth, and makes sure that all the thoughts are being highlighted. I liked the way they used the reverse audio and video, in the cigarette scene.

To me, the video has used all the cliches sounds that represent the emotions that books bring to us.







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