I chose to do this blog as a review of the trailer of movie ‘Australia’.


The audio used in the trailer is like that of any Romantic turned tragedy, which gives us an impression of what the movie is about.  It starts on a note of instigation and ends dramatically.

The song and the dialogues, I think, are played at the same decibel level and are layered together, which at times makes the dialogues difficult to comprehend . The trailer completely avoids the use of fx sounds.


The video shooting, I find, is absolutely amazing. The sceneci shots are beautiful. I particularly love the framing of Nicole Kidman’s introductory shot. The screen is divided almost half and half contrasting between her beige outfit and umbrella against the blue backdrop. It gives a beautiful shot and amazing framing. The lighting in that shot is also very nice. A key light has been used from the left side slightly in front, shining onto her face.


The camera cuts very fast in between scenes. Either a cross-dissolve or a black dissolve effects have been used to do so. Most of the other shots involving people are framed similarly, they’re close-shots showing only part of the upper body and face. The lighting is similar as well. All the scenes with characters in it use key light generally placed to the left side of the camera and giving quite the contrast making it look like exaggerated reality. The beauty shots of nature are generally wide-angle shots.



This now brings us to the colour grading which is epic and more exaggerated in this movie than in any other movie that I’ve seen lately. It looks like RGB have all been turned up a little high to get affects, which also makes the movie looks very HD.


One of the most interesting scenes for me was how they shot an entire scene through various shots through the windows of a car. The effect achieved is very cool.





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