Documentary – Home

To make this documentary, I have used footage from classes that we took as groups as well as a lot of individual shooting I could do over the break. My documentary is about what home means to people around me and about their favourite places in the world.

Vox Pops:

The Vox pops were actually quiet a hit the first time we went out to do it. We used a medium frame and chose to do it against a stain glass painted door. We used natural sunlight as our key light and were able to capture the perfect off-side lighting that we were trying to achieve. What I found lacking here was that we had only one question to ask and were not building up to it or even having any further conversations which in turn left us with very less data to work with.

While framing the shot, we tried to keep in mind the headroom and looking room that we were giving our subject as well as the three point rule. But, a mistake we made was that we did not move the camera at all after setting up, height wise. This led to not very great shots of taller people. That was something we overcame the second time.


These were probably my favorite, even though I am not a fan of being in front of the camera at all. We had a lot of fun and I really played around with the lighting and camera white balance and focus for these. We even tried the focal trick of setting it near and then far to blur out the background around our subject. I liked contrasts and playing with bluer tones.

The interviews themselves were more successful as we made conversations in front of the camera and hence, were able to capture so many thoughts and meaningful stories, along with so many emotions. What I would like to add are getting some in between maybe, abstract shots to capture extras.

During the shooting of the project, we uploaded what we shot on a daily basis and I made various folders and gave each video a name. This made it much easier to work with as i did not have to open and watch my videos again and again. It is very important to be categorized.

I have tried to layer various clips and audio together in my video which I think came out superbly. Some of the sounds I used are just to add a flavour. There is ambient sound as well as voice overs which have been used. I have used mostly cross dissolve transitions between shots for this documentary. Overall, I had fun with it, not so much colour grading this time but I tried to keep it short, simple and interesting.


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