Sound and Image – A beginning

When I started this semester, I wrote about not really knowing or understanding what this course was going to teach me and today, with no more classes to look forward to, I feel like the past two months have just really been a rollercoaster. I just wanted to be someone who could bring stories to life using a camera. I thought that’s what a director did and that’s who I would be at the end of my course.

I had no clue how much thought really goes into it or how many different roles you can play. I learnt how to light up my set and my subjects, to make them look beautiful in my film. I learnt how to play with the buttons, which made no sense to me in the beginning of the course, on the camera, so I can get varied effects while filming. I learnt how to set audio levels and what the difference between background noise and ambient sound is. I  learnt how difficult it is to direct people to do what you want nd how I actually like being control of everything. I learnt how to use Premier to editt my film and bring it to life. A different ballgame here all together with colour grading and the amazing effects. I learnt the difference between drama and documentary as well as it’s different modes along with so much more. But what i learnt most was myself and my prefernces, my likes and dislikes.

This course, though teaching me alot a lot of technical know hows, actually helped me explore myself and what kind of work what i like to do in the future. i understand now that i don’t like to concentrate on audio as much as i love being behind the camera. i love editing as well and i would maybe love to actually do that in the future. I would probably want to make docu-dramas for my career plan and would definately lik to work in smaller teams rather than larger only because of the control i can have with that.

Overall, it was a great learning experience and I feel like I can do so much even though I know we are just scratching the surface. This course has helped me be more sure of my choices as well as compelled me to explore the world of cinema.


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