Spontaneity in ‘TransmiLoop’

As a group, we chose the video titled ‘TransmiLoop’ by Lorena A Diaz Herrerra and Stephanie Ramirez Lopez. This video basically creates music by looping everyday transmit sounds and videos. In our opinion, this video shows that a mobile phone affords spontaneity because of how the sounds in the video are captured, which was just shot straight out of our everyday lives. While watching the video you are struck with how amazing it is what a mobile phone can capture beautiful moments like that. That it was captured mindlessly and then played over and over, which might have been the beginning of the film coming together. It is known that working with expensive equipment often cannot give us the same form of experimental freedom. Cameras and audio recorders are expensive to use and like we discussed in class, a lot of planning goes into it to get the optimum output. Storyboarding, angles, aesthetics and such do not need to be planned when you are just using mobile phones. Hence, the power of spontaneity comes into play.

Spontaneity is defined as a sudden impulse or an unplanned action. The mobile phone allows you to capture these spontaneous moments at random times. When out of the blue something catches your eye, you have access to capture these moments because you have your mobile phone. A mobile phone provides the practitioner to record and edit any moments anywhere, anytime and it also makes it easier to shoot people who are not working actors. Pointing a mobile phone rather than a whole film camera set up at someone is less suspicious and conscious and so the less chances of them rejecting being filmed. It also captures the spontaneity of the action better because when someone knows they are being recorded they may act differently and the shot might get too stiff and unnatural. It is also more possible to cover a wider range and/or any kind of subjects on impulse with a mobile phone. On the business front of filming, a mobile phone offers a good chance at observational films which enforces truth behind what is being seen and hence, might be more believable for our audience.

For our Post-Industrial Media class, we plan to capture unplanned and/or unscripted moments, make each of them count and produce a story from that. We want to remind people to stop for a moment and take in what they miss everyday.


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