Sketch 1 – Caged Dustbins

Walking out after the intensive, behind building number 9, I was talking to my friend when we heard the generator noise around us. It was really loud and over-powering. She thought it would make a really good sound to have in a sci-fi kind of film. Remembering what I had been watching in class all day, I looked around, taking out my phone to see what I could shoot to go along with the sound. There was a door, made of metal bars with dustbins on the other side. I started shooting immediately using various options. I shot with colour, black and white, perfectly upright and some shots in different angles.

My chosen affordance is spontaneity. That is exactly what my phone afforded me that day. I was able to jump from hearing an interesting sound to shooting a video that I like very much. I was not being billed by the hour, nor did I have to run somewhere to get equipment. It all took less than ten minutes and gave me a perfect video to use. Had I been using fancy equipment, I probably would not have bothered to run back to get it or shoot this piece. A phone allows us to be spontaneous and capture what we deem beautiful or extraordinary in the moments of everyday. In this sketch, the process of making the video was spontaneous.

An issue I did realize was that sometimes your video material can be spontaneous but takes more shape as minutes pass by. It is unplanned, hence the time taken to get a shot you can live with happily may be much longer. I did end up shooting ten videos here to end up with one sketch that I liked. I used the black and white filter on my video as well, which came through after much experimentation. Alternatively though, I think experience makes this issue go away as you develop an eye for things.

This video has been inspired by TransmiLoop as I have tried to give it an effect which I think is loopy and the sound was what inspired me in the first place.


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