Sketch 2 – Morning Light

This is probably my most spontaneous sketch. A couple of nights back, I forgot to close my window blinds. I woke up at 6:30 am because I was really cold and there was an orange glow in my room. Looking outside, it was the most beautiful, picture perfect sky I had seen. Orange and blue, the sun was just rising. I wanted to get a photo. But, since I wasn’t well and I was in no mood to actually step out of bed, charge my camera and click a photo. I picked up my phone, which was right by my head, thanked the lords that it had battery and shot away. I fell asleep right after as well!

The biggest issue I faced was that it just didn’t look as pretty on my phone. The colours were different. I tried everything, even filters to get the same effect I was getting with my eyes. Nothing, my Sony Xperia camera sucks. It was very disappointing and I could not even capture the orange glow of my room. The video now looks pretty average and bland.

It was a very sleepy, spontaneous moment when I made this video and hence, I believe that the chosen affordance definitely played part here. Truthfully, in those moments getting my camera out, even though I would have probably gotten better shots was just not affordable to me. Like in TransmiLoop, I was able to capture a moment of everyday and I think it could play a role if I decided to play with time and loop days. It would mean getting up early for a couple of days, yes, but I think it could be worth it.


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