Sketch 3 – Outside my tram

I take tram number 8 from RMIT back home. Sitting in the tram, I was listening to music and looking out. Without thinking, I switched on the camera and started recording the sceneries I could see passing by. While recording, I came up with various ideas as well that I might want to use in my final film. This type of recording was directly inspired by our chosen video – TransmiLoop which is basically all shot on public transport.

For this video, a lot of things worked in my favour. One, it was bright daylight and the shortcomings of my phone camera were not as obvious. Two, I got some very clear shots and did not need to spend too much time getting a good one. A really small issue, that didn’t bother me much was a few people staring at my recording, even going as far out as making a joke about tourists from countries which weren’t as clean as Melbourne. This just got me thinking that earlier, when we had been thinking about our affordances, one thing we had been talking about was that not as many people would mind us shooting them with our phones instead of scary looking cameras. but now I think it might actually be opposite as people might find it creepy and would want to question our reasons behind shooting, while with a camera that becomes much more clearer and cleaner in their heads.

It was a spontaneous video I made and did not decide to use till now for my sketch. I loved how the movement was recorded so smoothly which is an almost impossible task with just a phone. My hands shake, badly. It was a spontaneous moment, where I already had the phone in my hand and truthfully, was bored. And I got a sketch out of it!


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