Sketch 5 – Doggy Investigations

While I was working on capturing the rain drops on my small lotus pond, my dog got the curiosity bug. He thought I had either lost my mind or found something in the lotus pond that he had missed the last he went digging!

The spontaneity I caught in this video was actually the actions of my dog. I’m sure he didn’t really think I’m crazy out of my head. He came to investigate, sniffed for clues, got bored and left! This automatically got me thinking about reflexes and the spontaneity in them, or our habits and the spontaneity that spawns out of those. I have explored this thought further in my sketches ahead.

Another thing that I really liked in this video were the angles and the colour shades. The angles for me were never straight and it is not something I was trying to achieve per say. Which brings me to think that maybe it is just really hard to film a perfectly upright image with our phones, especially when they are handheld during shooting.

The colours in this video are all earthy and belong to the same family. But at the same time, they look very bright and aesthetically pretty. Compositions sometimes can really work wonders, without any thoughts, I guess.


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