Sketch 6 – Pretty Feet

This is probably the most common type of video in any teen girls’ world. It’s actually pretty bizarre how many people photograph or make a video of their own feet! Unconscious feet fetish might actually be really common. I guess, thinking about it, there can always be a great story behind every shot of feet, but at the same time I question if the idea of moving ahead, the conspet of getting somewhere, is so inbuilt into the minds of people, that clicking feet is now part of spontaneity in the form of a reflex action of sorts, when one holds a camera and looks around for something to click.

Stopping my rant here, I think it is really interesting, not only metaphorically all over the place, but even composition wise. Looking at what I shot, I think composition of making the picture good is a huge part of it.

What I was actually trying to do was create small splashes in the left over rain water in my drive way. Though, I guess I was also being very gentle because I had my phone in my hand and did not want to make it horribly shaky. Hence, I ended up making ripples instead of flying water.

The colours in here are also interesting to me because again, they belong to only two families – Grey and Red (feet are also red due to blood flow). I am now thinking that sticking to close family shades to make different elements of my composition is probably more advisable than having colours all over the place, when it comes to making a by the rules aesthetic image.


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