Sketch 7 – Ant Man

This video is of me trying to follow a couple of ants on the wall outside my house. I found the texture of the wall the most interesting bit on my video. It was really difficult in the start to actually follow the ant. The background it was against helped in making the video seem less shaky than it was in reality. Once I actually got the ants in my video, the were really clearly seen due to the light background. When I started filming it, my movements along with the ant were very jerky, with no flow. But as I slowly got used to it, my movement of the camera was much more in sync with the ants.

The spontaneity in this video lay in the ant’s movements which could not be predicted and frankly were very difficult to follow. I felt the video was very abstract as well because of the closeness and constant background of the video. I would imagine something similar but much better shot after some practice at the very start of a film to set a certain type of uplifting mood.

But having said everything, the discovery I made with this video was the use of different textures against which to film. I plan to explore this further with my future sketches.


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