Sketch 8 – The jumping bird

For this video, I tried to use a different kind of background texture, a little further away and less abstract. The background I chose, as you can see is leaves on a tree. Using a background this bright had an opposite affect as compared to my last video – Ant Man, as you can see unlike clear ants I have a bird that is hardly visible. The brightness took away from my subject. This is in my opinion both good and bad, where it takes away from my subject but creates an ethereal effect/illusion as well. Plus, when the bird takes flight, it almost looks magical, out of a fairy tale. I Really like the effect and I think it is created due to the colour choice as well. Bright greens and a little reddishness from flowers in bloom.

The spontaneity here too was in the movement of my subject, something that cannot be controlled to be camera friendly but just happened to be in those moments. So, for my discoveries at the moment, I am very interested in textures as well as colour. Another thought I do want to work with is reflexes in spontaneity, of which I have spoken before.

The only issue I had while shooting this video is that I would have liked to zoom in slightly more but my phone did not allow me to do so. That was unfortunate as I feel like a bigger image of the bird and a more closed background could have made it even more powerful.


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