Sketch 10 – Passing by

This was another one my mom made and sent to me. Standing outside her house, in the lane which is generally really silent, she was able to capture traffic like never before. It was really odd. The spontaneity of the action actually comes from there. In a lane where you have no one but residents pass by, we were able to capture all every type of vehicle you would see on Indian roads. Bikes, cars, bicycles, a truck and even a riksha went by. Something must be on. This time around too, I was speaking to her and this video was made through live screening. I could see it as it was being made.

What I loved the most about this video was the perfect half and half composition, where the dull grey road is the lower 50% and trees cover the rest. It was interesting and I loved the balance. Also in this one, the colours were all over  the place, which was interesting to me, but it was a much wider shot too. I like how it starts absolutely empty giving us a couple of seconds of the quietness of the place and then build up to a noisy, manic street.

Another I really liked was how the camera was constant and not following one subject. The composition stays the same through out and I really like that.


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