Sketch 11 – Balloons

Third and last video sent to me by my mom, chronicling street kids playing with balloons. It’s a very interesting video as this is probably something very special you would rarely come across outside of a kid’s birthday party. It shows an innocent pastime of kids who have a few moments of happiness after begging on the streets all day.

The spontaneity in this video lies in two things – one is the movement of the kids in accordance with the balloon, which was very hard to capture as with my ant, just because it is constantly moving and while looking at the small phone screen to catch the video it becomes very difficult to follow it. The second spontaneous thing is of course being able to just be present at the place where something so rare is taking place and as I said before capturing a few moments of happiness in the life of kids who have it the hardest.

I also like how both the balloons were exactly the same colour and size, making the video look planned, which it wasn’t. I can finally prove after the last video how empty the street here really is. The camera movements are very jerky and both wide shots and close up look good. Here, one thing that really stood out was the girl in red, who completely contrasted against the more sober background colours. I definitely am interested what role colours play and what looks best against what as I am looking to may start a career in production design.


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