Sketch 12 – Smoking

This is a video of my group mate and friend, Isabelle smoking a cigarette. It just so happened that we were having a chat, standing outside in RMIT, near the courtyard. She pulled out a cigarette and lit it up. She didn’t even notice the huge sign right next to her that said NO SMOKING!! I had to capture this. I had downloaded a new app called Game your Video and I thought I would try it out. I found this shot interesting enough to take not only because of the smoking irony but also because of the wall she was standing against. A perfectly symmetrical brick wall.

The app cast a semi circle of black covering half the screen which was a very interesting effect. I loved how it has been shot in grey tones but had a blue channel turned up higher. I did not think I could do this on my phone since I do not really have white balance options. I think this effect completely changed the mood and tone of the video. The colours make it look like a somber day when it was actually a nice sunny afternoon. The mood set to me was a little noir. Had I taken the same shot in colour, I think it would have been more comical.

I absolutely loved the effect and texture the wall forms in my video and for my film I think using different backgrounds and textures to bring out my subject is definitely what my discovery would be.

The only issue with this video – the name of the app appearing at the bottom!


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