Sketch 13 – Lost in my phone

You know how some people today don’t even need to look up from their phones while walking around? They are so used to it now, it’s inbuilt in their system. Now imagine what the phone must see while being looked at by these said people. Well that is what the idea behind this particular sketch is.

While the only thing that changes in the video is the background against which Shane is walking, though you would hardly pay attention to it. Eyes stay continuously on Shane’s face. I find that interesting because it is exactly what a person staring at his phone would notice. The spontaneity in this video also lies in the movement of the person. He does not need to look up to know where his feet will carry him. It’s now a reflex that is built into us. Reflexes, I believe are spontaneous reactions or actions because we never think of them.

I really like the distortion that is cause by the movement of the walk. It’s kind of like click click click. Like multiple distorted photos put together, but not exactly. It’s pretty cool. Another thing I noticed in this video is the angles on the backdrop, which keep changing and are confusing. You can’t really make out the directions in which Shane might be walking. There is a depth there and some form of symmetry in the shots with the buildings.


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