Sketch 9 – Whistle

So, a few days back, I was speaking to my mother on Skype when I heard a whistle go off behind her. She is back in India and was cooking rice. Now back home, we use huge steel cookers which whistle every time the steam comes out. You can see the steam rise out of it.

Anyway, what I was telling her was about my studio project and she suggested getting some very Indian things in there as well. It was a great idea and I told her that I want to get a shot of the cooker. She made this video for me and sent it across. I immediately loved it!

I decided to use this video as a sketch because it was one I really wanted to get and my mom was so excited to have helped me with my work. The spontaneity lay here in how it was a one second decision to make this video while we skyped and how it was a coincidence. I watched my mom make the video on Skype!

Our phones give us the affordance to be spontaneous and connect us on a much more larger scale, hence providing portability of sorts. With this video I was able to show all these affordances.

What I liked best about the video was when mom went in for the close up. Having a plain black background was much better and again as I have noticed with some of my previous sketches, a constant background brings out the subject of the video much more. The colours in the video when it looks best again is when only one colour family – grey is used. The black is so shiny that you can see a reflection of the whistle in it, which actually looks like steam as well till one looks closely.

The only issue here was that I was unable to shoot the video with a composition of my choice and was forced to rely on mom. But that’s part of spontaneity, isn’t it?


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