Sketch 14 – Flames

Every time I cook, my entire apartment smells up. So, last week I bought an amazing scented candle. I was burning it last night and as I was going to bed, I just stared at it for a while, watching the wax melt. That’s when it struck me, thinking of my discovery, i.e., different textures and catching different colours you wouldn’t notice play with each other normally.

I took out my phone and got a video up close of the candle flame, using the backdrop of the melting wax as my new background texture. It was very interesting. Every now and then, the red colour of the wick would shine through. I absolutely loved this bright colour against the otherwise subtle background colours. The reflection against the wax of the blue flame is also beautiful and I love the translucent quality of the wax.

What to me in this video is spontaneous is how different and subtle, full of distinct colours the flame looks as it dances through my camera, while I can’t see any of this with naked eyes. It came out very different from how I would expect it to otherwise.

Another part of spontaneity lies in how the ideas just seem to strike out of the blue, like we are now programmed to look at everything with a lens on our eyes. We just don’t think about it consciously anymore.


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