Sketch 15 – Translusence through a candle jar

The same night that I was filming the inside of the candle jar, catching the flame, I tried a few other things to bring out different textures and effects using the same object.

I took a  video of the candle from the outside of the jar, trying to capture the dancing flame through the translucence of the jar and melting wax. It just cast a yellow glow which danced.

The spontaneity in this video was merely trying to capture something I wasn’t really sure of. The way the flame moved and the shadow cast danced was out of control of anyone and is a part of something that cannot be planned but can be used to form a different kind of lighting and colouring in the scene. So, where the movement itself is spontaneous, the use of this object in videography is not.

It causes mystery and depth if used as lighting solely in a sequence. The mystery caused is a mystery in itself because of how unplanned the dance of lights and shadow is.


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