Sketch 16 – Overnewton

The effect of this video is probably my favourite up till now. For collaborative media project, my group and I went to OverNewton, a school in Keilor, for a few interviews. The greenery, nature and mountainous terrain caught my eye and I just wanted to make a few videos while I had the chance.

As I walked with my phone in my hand, I just captured everything around me. I did not really understand my capture of spontaneity till I reviewed my video much later. Walking with just that slight movement of the camera created this pretty amazing effect. It creates a kind of illusion, a distortion which is really cool. The background seems to move in a wavey sort of way. To having caught this effect is where my spontaneity lies, it was so unexpected.

The abstractness created by the trees and capturing the big sky you see out in the countryside of Australia makes the composition of the video very interesting and pleasing and it sort of looks like there is no depth and what I caught is actually really flat.

After watching another classmates video the other day, and now capturing this, I would like to play around with the movement of the phone to see what effects I can achieve and how every angle changes the depth of field.


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