Sketch 17 – Uni Life

Sitting outside of class, debriefing after a long, long day, all I had on my mind was getting some sketches done. I had just downloaded an application to reverse videos on my phone, and I wanted to try it out. The reasons for this download were because I was a little intimidated with the kind of videos my classmates were making, while mine were quite plain. I am not a fan of effects but I did not want to write them off without even trying some. The reason for reverse were because I have been thinking of spontaneity in reflexes, which has been a topic of discussion in various previous sketches, and I was thinking that the best way to capture that spontaneity may be to make those reflexes look a little unnatural which bring attention to them.

This particular video was where I started. This is the video which is shot straight-forward, no effects. The video is boring and lacks foresight as well as direction. It is random, horrible even. I am using this as a sketch so I can compare it with my next sketch which is the same video in reverse.

The video just depicts what I would see randomly, everyday and not even notice while I am at university. It is very spontaneous as I am shooting and deciding where to take the video camera/phone next while I shoot, which contributes to my lack of direction. I think the good part was when I swivelled it around to the far right and catch a little bit of the basketball game. Now, thinking back, I wish I had concentrated on that more.

There is no concept of texture, aesthetics, depth, composition, etc. in my video and it is definitely not something I would want to use in my final project.


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