Sketch 18 – Reverse Uni Life

Sitting outside of class, debriefing after a long, long day, all I had on my mind was getting some sketches done. As I said in my last sketch, I had just downloaded an application to reverse videos on my phone, and I wanted to try it out. I have been thinking of spontaneity in reflexes, which has been a topic I have discussed in various previous sketches, and I was thinking that the best way to capture that spontaneity may be to make those reflexes look a little unnatural which bring attention to them, which is my main reason for selecting a reverse effect instead of time-lapse or other more common effects.

This particular video was where I started. My last sketch is the video without the effect on it, which I found lacked focus and direction. This video on the other hand is much more interesting just because of how unnatural everything looks due to reverse. It is random, horrible even. I am using this as a sketch so I can compare it with my last sketch.

The video just depicts what I would see randomly, everyday at university. My concentration here lies in the last bit which is the basketball game and in the normal video you can see how it’s an easy flowing game where reflexes are in constant foreplay, especially because how fast it is. I find it interesting and I feel like I can depict the spontaneity using this effect very well. Reverse to distinguish reflexes is definitely something I would like to explore more.

There is no concept of texture, aesthetics, depth and composition in my video and it is definitely not something I would want to use in my final project but having said that, I am trying to mix my various discoveries to see what I can get. I am sure it will all come together in my final project.


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