Sketch 19 – Welcome to Australia

The other week, I got my first paid filming gig, shooting a children’ party over in Williamstown. As my partner and I were heading out there, we passed over this bridge and the very first thing I noticed was the Australian flag sitting on top, fluttering in the wind.

Of course, I had to make a sketch. It gave the feeling of being in Australia another vibe, one I hadn’t experienced here yet. I took this video while sitting in the car as we moved across the bridge. Again, going with my discovery, I was able to take it against a constant background of a constant texture. This though was my best and biggest background yet – the cloudy sky. The flag, the wires holding the bridge, all stood out against it.

What for me was the most interesting thing in this video was the smoothness of my movement. As I was not walking for once and was sitting in the car which was doing the movement, the video I captured almost looks like I used a dolley. My spontaneity here lies in capturing the flag at it’s very best, up and flowing, no folds, in the wind with the perfect backdrop! It was meant to be.

Another thing that I noticed that I have no answer for is how the higher I pointed my phone, the brighter the sky seemed to become even though there was no sun out to cause this change. I am not exactly sure why my video was effected this way. An issue I came across, I kept getting the car in my shot and it interfered with an otherwise good video. I had one spontaneous shot of capturing it, and the car and my shaky hands killed it!


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