Sketch 20 – Chaos Floor

Isn’t this just so pretty?? I love playing with the light of the candle and the floor of my house always seems to be a mess! So here I was, looking over my bed and I just took out my phone and shot a video. My aim here was to get the reflection of the candle on the wall but I just ended up with this very aesthetically pleasing and abstract kind of shot. Pretty spontaneous as a composition, this shot just happened, no plan at all.

In this video too my background is constant – my blackish carpet. My main subject is the candle which looks good with the light it throws out, causing reflection against the wall, against my clothes basket and even in the air. I love how the shine seems to emit and reflect around the jar, making the rims shine.

Another aspect that makes the video aesthetically pleasing for me is the colours. Everything in this video has the same colour in large quantity – black/blue. Then there are bright colours of orange and pink which stand out starkly, which gives the video the real show against the dark. Interesting how dark and bright compliment each other.


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