Sketch 21 – Following Steps

For this video I would have liked to have a constant background, using the texture as my road and my friends feet as she walks ahead of me. I wasn’t able to do that. I am starting to think that planning videos ahead is a good thing once you have made the discoveries you want to play with. Earlier, when I made a discovery with my ant video in a previous sketch, I wanted to play with textures some more. I found the crack in the road very interesting and can imagining using it to break my video in half and have it running in the middle. It makes the texture just that much more interesting. I think the spontaneity in my video lies in that crack which forms another little discovery of how I can mix textures and in future maybe even use something to divide to mix different textures. I was thinking of this not while shooting, but while reviewing my video.

The other interesting thing in my video is the how the brightness of the subject stands out against the dark and dull grey background. This is also in line with the discoveries I had made earlier. This also brings me to two of the issues, i.e., the video goes on too long, enough to kill what I would have liked to see. The road is cut with grass on the side which is another thing I would like to eliminate and as expected, trying to follow the subject, my video is too shaky!


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