Sketch 22 – Mountains

First off, where are the mountains I was shooting. I could see them there, just not in my video. Everything turned mole sized and the grandness of what I trying to capture is absolutely lost.

The issue I have faced previously with movements and shaky video grabs is lost here completely. I was walking in this one as well but was able to make it very smooth, don’t know how.

The video is shot half and half composition, which as I have made apparent is something I like a lot. The only thing to break the monotony are the trees which keep coming in between every now and then. I really like them, they look a little unnatural truthfully. I like the idea of natural props and how they can be used in videos. This discovery is where the spontaneity in my video lies. I particularly like the idea of making use of these props in a way where they are only in half of my video, like hanging on top to break the sky.

Of course, nothing is planned and I am finding out that after all the discoveries, planning is an important part of any video project.


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