Sketch 23 – Filming

For this video, what I was really looking for was a cool shot of all the different equipment we were carrying for our interviews. I wasn’t even going to use this as a sketch till I reviewed it. Now as you see, I got me a little bit of paranormal activity there. We were standing in a bright area, surrounded by glass and there was absolutely no light issue as all the lighting was natural. But in my video, as it starts there is some flickering happening. Then towards the end as I focus on the camera case, the yellow words calling it RMIT property start distorting! Is that weird?

The spontaneity comes from what happened in the aftermath of reviewing the video as I did not put these effects in and it’s just plain weird that I have this video now which I think is pretty cool and so absolutely unplanned. All I wanted to do was show off to my mum!

Thinking back to that day, my phone kept hanging up and stalling and that may have been the reason for these distortions. But, then again, that did not happen in any of my other videos from that day. Paranormal??? Ghostly presence??? Hmm.


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