Sketch 24 – Taxi

The other when my group and I went to OverNewton school in Keilor for some interviews for another class, I made a few videos there. This one in particular was an epic fail. What I was trying to capture here was the different shapes and kind of whirlwind look the clouds had in the big Australian sky. I wanted to do this with half and half composition that I have demonstrated before in some previous sketches. I did manage to get the composition but everything went absolutely wrong.

The half and half composition was to be half bright colours and dull colour. The dull was from the sky while the bright was from the yellow taxi and the green almost florescent grass. This didn’t really go well together. The shapes and effects of the clouds did not come through at all in my video because of the bright lighting. The clouds were too bright to be captured with my phone, unlike the dull that I could see otherwise. This is where the spontaneity in my video lay. Instead of getting what I wanted, I got everything else!

The other thing about this video is that I could not make it smooth. What I was going for was a smooth 360 degree turn but the movement was not constant and my speed kept changing. And of course, I slipped in the end, because I was not looking around me, I was staring at my phone screen instead!


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