Sketch 25 – Magic

This is my shortest video yet. It is really different from my other stuff. I call it round two of reverse tricks. Now, what I was trying here was completely different than what you can see. The idea was to make the origami bird fly, but it is too fast for that, maybe an added slow motion effect would get the affect of what I was trying. I like the idea that we can use effects to create a different story all together. This just makes a dropping piece of paper look like a magical swan. The spontaneity  in this video lies in how it turned into something completely different from what I was trying. So even though the video was planned, the turn out was not!

I had two issues while making this video. One was that I had to try multiple times to capture even this, and it still falls short because I was unable to move as fast as my dropping/flying swan. Of ten tries, this is literally my best shot. Apart from that, the other issue was that due to lack of foresight I am not very happy with the video. I should have taken a top view, it would have looked cooler as well as put into effect my discovery of textures. I would have had a plain black carpet texture, which would have kept the subject as the main focal point.


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