Sketch 26 – Cigarette

So, one morning I was sitting outside drinking my coffee and smoking a cigarette when I thought, why not make a reverse video of the cigarette. This is what I ended up with. What I can definitely tell you is that it was a hard video to take as I was moving both my hands, one holding the phone in sync and it did not always work as you can see. I kept missing my subject!

I really like how the effect worked. It wasn’t as unnatural as my other reverse videos just because how smoothly everything happens. What I like best is the smoke wisps and how they are pulled back. I love that effect and am definitely going to do something with smoke wisps in my final video.

The spontaneity in this video lies in the kind of building blocks that are the ashes and how that fly up and keep joining the cigarette. I love how they float back.

The only issue was I really wish I could have only gotten the cigarette and not my lips but like I mentioned it was really difficult to get this video. Next time I shall one of my friends do it, rather than shooting myself.


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