Sketch 27 – Pouring Tea

Here, in this video, my friend was pouring water out for tea. I like how the shot is not perfectly straight in it’s composition, which I think gives it something interesting. The video is taken in reverse as well to create spontaneity with reflexes and being able to see the natural spontaneous thing in not a natural way. But this hot doesn’t really scream reverse, because you can’t really make out that the water is going up and not down. In fact the only way you can even tell it’s a reverse shot is because of the audio which sounds really funny in reverse, but better than my other videos.

But, where my spontaneity really lies is in the sudden kind of appearance of water as it is the other way around and it doesn’t really catch your eye, but is still awkward and sudden. The weird part is that if you look carefully at the video, you can see multi coloured spots all around in it. The colour distortion is kind of cool and not very noticeable but definitely add to the overall abstractness of the image and I also like how there is so much colour but black and white still dominate. Interesting.


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