Sketch 28 – Reverse Samosas

The video starts straight and then the reverse effect plays it again in continuation. I have done this solely so I can point out the differences. I actually think the video is really funny in a sick way because it looks like she is a food making machine and is literally vomiting up the food. In the straight bit, you don’t notice reflexes at all, whereas the minute the reverse effect sets in, reflexes like how the tongue moves while eating and such are apparently obvious. Also, in reverse the subject of the video changes. During the straight version, one is looking at my friend, Daphne and in the reverse, the subject changes to the samosas instead of her, as that is what we concentrate on as an audience. The spontaneity in this video lies in the reflexes. To study this and make it apparent is why I decided to use the reverse effect in the first place. I really like it because for once what I was trying actually came through.

The audio, OMG!!! I already sing horribly but once the reverse goes on I sound like a dying cat! It’s really funny, maybe we can make a new alien language using reverse. I am sure I am not the first to think of that though.


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