Sketch 29 – Shane Again

Another failed sketch, but failed sketches teach you a lot too, fortunately. This particular sketch is shaky throughout, which would be my fault, I was cold. It is out of focus, the zoom ins and outs are too fast to be tasteful. They only serves to confuse the watcher. I realized there are some lightings and conditions and certain sequences that limits my video on the phone with a less than 5MP camera. I made a lot of sketches which I couldn’t use at all, specially of action sequences or ones I tried to shoot at night.

This video was not supposed to be my sketch but a sketch I made for my friend Shane, who is exploring the affordance of connectivity. I decided to use it due to the lighting conditions. Phones do not give us the option of white balance settings or colour correction till post production, which can be limiting or can be used positively if done smartly.

This video was shot in uni but unlike my other videos shot in university, it does not clearly tell you what location I am in. That got me thinking about how if I ever had time issues or got permission to use only one location, playing with the composition of the shot, I can actually use it in a way  to make my movie seem like many different locations have been used, which is great for small budget films.

The spontaneity in this video lies in the lighting and colour scale of the video. While standing there and shooting the video, with my naked eye it was a normal evening, no blue tinge what so ever. But reviewing my video showed me that I had actually captured a blue scale dipped shot, which is interesting. Pretty confusing too. Playing with lighting, specially natural can be a very spontaneous activity with equally spontaneous outcomes.


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