Sketch 30 – Class

I want a nice camera or at least a better phone!!! I hate that there are so many things I can’t seem to control with my phone. This video is a bag of issues! Bad lighting, shaky and completely out of focus. The million colours add to the out of focusness and makes sure you can’t make out any details in the video – especially when it comes to cameras, stands and other black coloured equipment. All these are drawbacks of shooting with a phone. Maybe having an IPhone will help…

The only close to decent part in the video is in lieu with my discovery, against the black wall. The colours stand out and the lighting looks just a little bit better. So, maybe shooting against a black background in case of bad lighting could give a more appropriate effect to my videos.

Lastly, in this video, I want to discuss something I haven’t before, i.e., Audio. There is a crazy amount of noise and gain that the phone is catching from the environment. The voices are not very clear either. You can even hear my hands moving along the phone, which just sounds like this horrible rustle which would make you turn off audio all together.

The spontaneity in this video – just that I happened to shoot it, capturing the act of filming. Kind of like behind the scenes footage. That’s pretty cool, eh?


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