Sketch 31 – Texture Street

Another end to a horrible day full of work, scripts, teachers and intensives. I generally walk back home after such long days instead of taking the train, kind of like de-briefing. On this particular day as I was walking past Federation Square, I saw that there was a Hindi movie playing there. I got really excited even though I have seen that one before, so I sat down to watch a little bit of it. Unfortunately, having seen the movie before, I lost interest faster than a two year old watching Grey’s Anatomy. So, of course with Uni on the brain, I started making sketches.

The ground at Federation Square is really cool. I love the texture, it kind of reminds me of French streets and cafe’s with breads in their windows. Having already made a discovery of textures, I thought about getting another one of the ground. Only problem, I did not have a subject. So leaving only the top like 20% of the screen to capture movement and break the monotony, I did my shot.

What I caught is interesting because of the lighting. That was what was so spontaneous about my video because I was able to capture how the movie reflected on the ground. The lighting keeps changing throughout. It’s cool!


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