Textures on a film set – Iteration 1 PIM

For my first iteration, I used my discovery of finding different textures in the environment around me and in my case that would be on a film set, to make a compilation of the textures. We don’t realize how many different and really cool textures can be found on the film set, and the textures I got range from placing my phone on a light panel and moving it around to getting a distorted video of the air blowing machine vent. I used props, masks and various other things like a plastic bag that I found on the sets to form my textures.

I was determined to stick to only using my phone to make my video and so I downloaded three different types of video editors that I found on the app market on my Sony Xperia Play store. I downloaded the highest rated ones, but I can truthfully say that after using fancy software like Premier, it is actually really hard to use these simple and limited ones on the phone. Plus the screen is so small!

I was able to trim my videos and place them together on the apps. I also added a title slide that the app animated for me without me doing anything to it. The options were very limited and I left my video at that.

Overall, I really like the textures I got but as a video I could see that my video didn’t really form any connections in the mind of the viewers and they couldn’t make out what was happening. So for my next iteration, I have decided to have a much better title as well as use overlaying audio files that I collected on the sets to give a background story of what I am filming. I also did not play with any effects at all, and would like to do that just because it is a common thing to do with mobile videos as well and may effect my outcomes.

Regardless, I think this is a good iteration 1 but I have a long way to go before my final video!


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