Dylan Pratt Behind The Scenes – Iteration 2

For iteration two, I actually had to resort to using Premier Pro so that I could have some leverage on what I could do with my filmed textures. I ended up using the Luma key on the textures to make them really weird effects on my video and and reduced the opacity so that I could underlay other videos in it. I did to form a better connect and make my audience realise what was really happening and where the textures were filmed, i.e., on the sets of a film shoot! I tried to lay separate audio in it as well that drove in what sort of a film shoot it was.

I think the effect I got in the end was pretty cool and I am pretty happy with my video. I think it almost forms a sort of observational documentary of our film set. I showed it to my other team mates and they loved it as well. The audio and the video in this case don’t match at all which is also intentional as i am able to show three different elements from my film set that I was able to capture through my mobile phone.

This video connects to spontaneity because none of these videos were actually taken with the plan of being used in my Post Industrial Media Video but just happened to work out that way as I started developing my project. The second iteration is quiet a jump from the first and surprisingly I did not have to reshoot anything for it as I already had all the other videos and audio that I used to form it.

I think I can make it more abstract though so that my textures as well as my underlaying video connect with each other more as I think my audio is enough for the audience to connect with my narration!


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