Hurry Up and Wait – Final Iteration

It took a long time for me to make my final iteration. Each of my iterations have been so different from each other and I have truly struggled to maintain my original discovery but have found that I never went out of my chosen affordance of spontaneity. For me, the mobile phone offers me the option of capturing everything that we see everyday but do not deem worthy enough to capture with our cameras. We are so accustomed to the idea of just passing by life, noticing only the most obvious and important things that a lot of the beauty present around us is lost. That is what I chose to capture with my phone, finding something completely off topic to look at during another important event taking place.

My final video shows exactly that. It is a set of abstract videos that I captured on a film set that I was shooting at with my crew this semester. Weird props just lying around, the food dye floating in water, the graffiti on the walls and the air vent being some of my subjects. The audio under-laying all the video shows exactly where I am, i.e., a film set.

There is very famous saying in Media – Hurry Up and Wait. That is what one finds he often has to do on film sets and that gave me enough time to just sit around, look for things that would generally not capture one’s eye.

I made this video with my phone – a Sony Xperia M5 model and then used both a video editor downloaded through Android Play store as well as Premier Pro, as I found that just using your phone to edit can be very tedious, if not time consuming. It frustrated me no end. Plus putting in the audio in separate cuts to bring this essence to the film was next to impossible on the phone video editor. My phone is not in the best condition and it kept lagging as well.

In the end, I am pretty happy with my video but I keep thinking back to what else I could have done and how I could have made it better, but then where is the spontaneity in that? Pre-planning was just not in my schedule this time around.


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