Audience Analysis – Sonder Melbourne

Sonder Melbourne is an experimental short non-narrative film for online platforms like Youtube and Vimeo, targeted at people traveling to Melbourne or just trying to find an understanding/experience of the city online. I am trying to create a new age film to replace outdated advertisements targeted at a younger market who don’t want to hear why it would be a good idea to visit the city, but are looking for an experience that will excite them. The goal of the film is to create an immersive experience of what it would be like to be in the city itself. I want to use it as the most powerful tool to create tourism and inspire people to come experience everything the most livable city in the world has to offer. The film itself will explore the wonders of Melbourne through the diverse culture present here, discovering the life, the vibe and the unfathomable thoughts of people who make this city come alive.


Sonder means the realization that every person around us has just as much of a vivid imagination and world as we do. The film is not a traditional documentary nor the verbal telling of a story, it is a discovery, an unguided meditation, an immersive experience of Melbourne and it’s people. The story is built through imagery jumping from location to location, from coffee to skateboards, from the river to the ocean and had a backdrop of various peoples’ thoughts and Indie Melbourne music. The fast movements, the excitement, the experience is what will set the film apart.

Audience - New Directions

This image is the original research I had on what my audience would be. But since, I have narrowed it down slightly more by realizing that my audience are also people who like to meditate, which is another way for them to find themselves and their inner piece. When meditating they use guided meditations and are always looking for new ways to discover. They are very modern and strive to find something new to watch, to read or even to feel. And when they do, they show their friends to share their excitement.

I plan on creating this film using 12 weeks that make my next semester and would like to officially launch it online in October, 2016. Being a single short film, it goes online all in one go, after which according to the still-in-discussion-stage marketing plan, marketing of the video through word of mouth and creating a buzz on social media is the way forward. Hopefully, upon success, by the start of December, tourism websites would like to use it to inspire people as well.

I hope to find that the audience shares, likes and comments on the film and that there are discussions on sites like Twitter and Facebook about it. In the long run I hope to achieve my goal of using it as a new type of film to increase tourism, hence proving that there is a market above commercial art.


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