The End…

This project was the biggest I have worked on but didn’t seem so just because of how well it was managed. The Winter series was a dream to work on and one I have been waiting to see completed. The project was music videos, a web series and a social message all mixed in one. While starting the project it didn’t hit me at all that we were doing all of this and how much of a responsibility it would hold. Were we going to be able to do justice to all three of these aspects?

Now, having seen the result, I think we did great. The social message is the one I feel still lacks and am waiting to see how the marketing of the project and the release will help this become clearer. Getting feedback for the project was amazing as we got a lot of compliments and people telling us how they almost cried while watching it, which makes me think that we did a really good job.

But, as with all projects, making the final videos is not enough and how would these do out in front of an audience. Would people actually watch it like a web series. While each film is distinct and powerful, do they pull enough for the viewer to watch them like a series? Having been working on it for months and keeping everyone in class updated on what it means and how we were going made our first audience at RMIT University a very favourable audience who saw the entire journey with us.

We succeeded in the manner of making something beyond expectation and managing to score beautifully in class with great enthusiasm from viewers but I think the real success will be when we can do the same with people who didn’t know what we were aiming for, what our skill set was and still react the same to it. In the end, it never ends and to keep it going is the challenge we now face as we come to the end of  the degree.

Yes, I learnt a lot and yes, I feel like I am ready to take on the world with these new found skills that I have been able to give power to, but the big world outside the cocoon of Uni is scary and I can’t wait to find out how I’ve fared. The thought scares me, but having worked on Winter makes me just a step further and just a little bit less scared.


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