Dylan Pratt Behind The Scenes – Iteration 2

For iteration two, I actually had to resort to using Premier Pro so that I could have some leverage on what I could do with my filmed textures. I ended up using the Luma key on the textures to make them really weird effects on my video and and reduced the opacity so that I could underlay other videos in it. I did to form a better connect and make my audience realise what was really happening and where the textures were filmed, i.e., on the sets of a film shoot! I tried to lay separate audio in it as well that drove in what sort of a film shoot it was.

I think the effect I got in the end was pretty cool and I am pretty happy with my video. I think it almost forms a sort of observational documentary of our film set. I showed it to my other team mates and they loved it as well. The audio and the video in this case don’t match at all which is also intentional as i am able to show three different elements from my film set that I was able to capture through my mobile phone.

This video connects to spontaneity because none of these videos were actually taken with the plan of being used in my Post Industrial Media Video but just happened to work out that way as I started developing my project. The second iteration is quiet a jump from the first and surprisingly I did not have to reshoot anything for it as I already had all the other videos and audio that I used to form it.

I think I can make it more abstract though so that my textures as well as my underlaying video connect with each other more as I think my audio is enough for the audience to connect with my narration!


Textures on a film set – Iteration 1 PIM

For my first iteration, I used my discovery of finding different textures in the environment around me and in my case that would be on a film set, to make a compilation of the textures. We don’t realize how many different and really cool textures can be found on the film set, and the textures I got range from placing my phone on a light panel and moving it around to getting a distorted video of the air blowing machine vent. I used props, masks and various other things like a plastic bag that I found on the sets to form my textures.

I was determined to stick to only using my phone to make my video and so I downloaded three different types of video editors that I found on the app market on my Sony Xperia Play store. I downloaded the highest rated ones, but I can truthfully say that after using fancy software like Premier, it is actually really hard to use these simple and limited ones on the phone. Plus the screen is so small!

I was able to trim my videos and place them together on the apps. I also added a title slide that the app animated for me without me doing anything to it. The options were very limited and I left my video at that.

Overall, I really like the textures I got but as a video I could see that my video didn’t really form any connections in the mind of the viewers and they couldn’t make out what was happening. So for my next iteration, I have decided to have a much better title as well as use overlaying audio files that I collected on the sets to give a background story of what I am filming. I also did not play with any effects at all, and would like to do that just because it is a common thing to do with mobile videos as well and may effect my outcomes.

Regardless, I think this is a good iteration 1 but I have a long way to go before my final video!

Sketch 33 – Last One

  • This video is of a bulletin board in the LGBTIQ Archives that I visited the other day in South Yarra
  • different colours and combinations in different posters taking us through different years, so it is constantly changing
  • should have moved with the phone instead of taking it all from one spot
  • constant backgrounds
  • focus takes time
  • could have been a much better sketch

Sketch 17 – Uni Life

Sitting outside of class, debriefing after a long, long day, all I had on my mind was getting some sketches done. I had just downloaded an application to reverse videos on my phone, and I wanted to try it out. The reasons for this download were because I was a little intimidated with the kind of videos my classmates were making, while mine were quite plain. I am not a fan of effects but I did not want to write them off without even trying some. The reason for reverse were because I have been thinking of spontaneity in reflexes, which has been a topic of discussion in various previous sketches, and I was thinking that the best way to capture that spontaneity may be to make those reflexes look a little unnatural which bring attention to them.

This particular video was where I started. This is the video which is shot straight-forward, no effects. The video is boring and lacks foresight as well as direction. It is random, horrible even. I am using this as a sketch so I can compare it with my next sketch which is the same video in reverse.

The video just depicts what I would see randomly, everyday and not even notice while I am at university. It is very spontaneous as I am shooting and deciding where to take the video camera/phone next while I shoot, which contributes to my lack of direction. I think the good part was when I swivelled it around to the far right and catch a little bit of the basketball game. Now, thinking back, I wish I had concentrated on that more.

There is no concept of texture, aesthetics, depth, composition, etc. in my video and it is definitely not something I would want to use in my final project.

Sketch 31 – Texture Street

Another end to a horrible day full of work, scripts, teachers and intensives. I generally walk back home after such long days instead of taking the train, kind of like de-briefing. On this particular day as I was walking past Federation Square, I saw that there was a Hindi movie playing there. I got really excited even though I have seen that one before, so I sat down to watch a little bit of it. Unfortunately, having seen the movie before, I lost interest faster than a two year old watching Grey’s Anatomy. So, of course with Uni on the brain, I started making sketches.

The ground at Federation Square is really cool. I love the texture, it kind of reminds me of French streets and cafe’s with breads in their windows. Having already made a discovery of textures, I thought about getting another one of the ground. Only problem, I did not have a subject. So leaving only the top like 20% of the screen to capture movement and break the monotony, I did my shot.

What I caught is interesting because of the lighting. That was what was so spontaneous about my video because I was able to capture how the movie reflected on the ground. The lighting keeps changing throughout. It’s cool!

Sketch 30 – Class

I want a nice camera or at least a better phone!!! I hate that there are so many things I can’t seem to control with my phone. This video is a bag of issues! Bad lighting, shaky and completely out of focus. The million colours add to the out of focusness and makes sure you can’t make out any details in the video – especially when it comes to cameras, stands and other black coloured equipment. All these are drawbacks of shooting with a phone. Maybe having an IPhone will help…

The only close to decent part in the video is in lieu with my discovery, against the black wall. The colours stand out and the lighting looks just a little bit better. So, maybe shooting against a black background in case of bad lighting could give a more appropriate effect to my videos.

Lastly, in this video, I want to discuss something I haven’t before, i.e., Audio. There is a crazy amount of noise and gain that the phone is catching from the environment. The voices are not very clear either. You can even hear my hands moving along the phone, which just sounds like this horrible rustle which would make you turn off audio all together.

The spontaneity in this video – just that I happened to shoot it, capturing the act of filming. Kind of like behind the scenes footage. That’s pretty cool, eh?