Widgets on my page

Hey there,

I think, patience is a long forgotten virtue which has no space in the world today. With the fast pace that is set around us, no one has the time to waste anymore. As you can see, I have added a few widgets to the left side of my page to help you save some precious time. Here is a description of them.

1. Categories РAs I currently write about various things like the structure and functionalities of blogging, photography, stories or anything else I can think of, this is a really great way to help you navigate through my site. Just click on the dropbox and pick the category you would be interested in.

2. Hash Tags – After every post, I tag it with some relevant words which can help you search for my posts on the net. It is a great way to find posts which are in similar categories but have very different key words. Just click on a hash tag you like and find access to anything relative. Read away!

3. Twitter – You can follow me on twitter, where I tweet about every blog I write. It’s an easy click and you don’t have to keep checking my blog for what’s going on. Stay updated and join in on conversations about a multitude of things.

4. Facebook – If you don’t like twitter or just like facebook a teeny amount more, no problem. Like me on Facebook and enjoy staying updated.

Well, these are the four I chose but if you think you’d like to see something else there that I have not thought of, let me know!