Copyrights and Avoiding Spam (Creative Commons)

Hey followers,

So, today as part of our tasks, I researched the different types of copyrights that you can post on your blog. I found so much interesting stuff on here, it is absolutely amazing. Recently, one of my friends and I had to face a big problem on something we helped create back in the day. I wanted to use it as part of our project this semester but found that I could not as other people had gotten it copyrighted in their name! It is really disappointing when something like this turns up. Heartbreaking! I hope that this blog helps you avoid such situations.

There are six types of copyrights, if you are using creative commons, which is the fastest and easiest way of copyrighting your stuff. Literally took me ten minutes! Here is a link for you to understand these types.

I would suggest saving the page or making a note of and understanding all the licenses as you might want to use different licenses for different projects. I have copyrighted my blog with Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike license. This license lets others remix, tweak and build upon my work which I think is great for getting my work out there. Of course, they still have to give me credit for the original work. It also means no one can use a version of my work commercially, that right lies solely with me. I think that is really smart as I work hard to create anything on here and I don’t want someone else earning from my idea. My ideas that I decide to share non-commercially are projects I believe I want people to access without having to pay for it and I would not want to change that in any way.

These are all International licenses, not restricted to Australia.

Apart from copyrights, another huge concern, if you own a blog or any form of social media is avoiding spam. Who wants someone else advertising their stuff on your blog? That is so not fair, right! So, I did some research on how to avoid it and there are literally a million ways to do it. As my blog is on WordPress, I will just talk about what options you have there, but I suggest definitely using something to avoid it. WordPress has some really cool tools you can use for free to avoid spam. Here are the one’s I like best:

1. Akismet Comment Spam Fighter – Akismet is generally installed by default. But, just incase, go to your plugins and activate it. You get an API key that you need to enter to activate it. It is the best┬ádefence against spam but you do have to pay $5 for it.

2. Another way to do it is by making your settings to check your comments before it is up on your site, so you can moderate anything you want to display there. This can be very tedious if your blog is popular and it also does not really let people have conversations. It is effective though.

3. You can avoid the issue of conversations in the above settings by letting all registered users to comment only. Also on the panels – discussions page.

These are all great ways, but I suggest definitely doing some more research and checking your plugins page for more options.