Australia Crush India in semi-finals (GAlert)

This post has been written with a very heavy heart as I struggle to accept India’s loss, and a horrible one at that, this world cup semi-finals. After playing and winning all the past games this tournament, the fans expected the win. I had no doubt in my head that we would make it. I saw the game yesterday, and wow! Today’s google alert about the world cup was an expected one. Headline after headline….Mcgrath’s formula to conquer India, India crushed by Aussies, Starc’s pace dents India, Steve Smith leads way….and then India was forgotten as articles about the finals came up right after.

Reading the article in The Sydney Morning Herald….

I felt a lot of emotions. Australia deserved the win, they played beautifully, every player with Steve Smith, Mitchell Johnson and Starc leading the way. India lost the fight the second we lost our beloved captain, MS Dhoni. The players after him just gave up, which was disappointing because if it was Faulkner or Starc out there, they would still be hitting huge sixes, coming and going fast, fighting for the team. Where was that spirit in the Indian bowlers? I was so angry, it was disgraceful as I watched the other team laugh, the smile on Glenn Maxwell, as they didn’t even bother to keep their fielding formations. I have seen Faulkner win matches with making 27-35 runs in the last two overs.

That being said, I am also happy that it was Australia who has made it this far. I have loved them from old times, when Ponting, Lee, Warne and Symonds ruled the fields. It is going to be an amazing finals and I am looking forward to it.

Reading the article, I found this, “If you start too early in the game you get out for 150 maybe,” said Dhoni, explaining his tactics in the run chase. “You have to take that risk. Maybe it was a bit too late but if my partnership with Ajinkya (Rahane) wouldn’t have come at that time we would have cracked up for 140, 150.”

Dhoni played exceptionally. His 65 runs were absolutely bizarre. I was sitting at the edge of my seat throughout! The two sixes against Watson were breath-taking and he could have done it if the odds had stayed with him. Cool-headed, calm and sporty, Dhoni got unlucky, but unlike what Indian captains have faced upon losing important games, surprisingly or not, the internet is full of people sharing their love and support for him.

Steve Smith showed his metal with his 105 runs and then kept working hard and was the reason for Rahane’s dismissal, another turning point for the match.

“India finished with a whimper.”

The article does not spare the Indian team at all! But it is true…the end was disappointing with India giving up with 5 still to bat. All the best to Australia for the finals!