Creating the snowflake using CODE – A review

Programming Concepts. Two words which can put the fear of god right into me! When I read this on Jenny’s list of tasks, I thought, well those are the ones I am going to leave out. I did Business with Computer Aided Management as my bachelors degree and every semester, I had to choose one programming language course to study. I dreaded these as I never really understood anything in class and barely made it through the course.

But, when I, against all my head was telling me, decided to open up the link provided, I was shocked. It was amazing and fun! It was nothing like I had ever seen before. After an hour of using code, it was so much fun trying out different snowflake designs. I can tell you now, I realized I’m not as good with maths as I thought I was, but I still managed to create some pretty awesome stuff. The design I finally settled on is displayed below. What do you guys think?


I tried various times to get it right and I think I still settled on a pretty simple design. But simplicity beats everything, yea? I really like how this program was displayed with the use of Frozen characters and if you want to learn more, there are different themes up there. I tried making trees using zombies! That was pretty cool.

The reason I think this task really helped me was not the stuff I learnt to do, because I am still not sure how I would want to incorporate using it in my media project, but it really gave me confidence that I can work with a computer, learn different things no problem. This is really good for me because I feel my Bachelors degree took that away from me. I can create, and think of more possibilities now, which gives new dimensions to creativity in my head. It’s funny how these little frozen characters warmed my brain towards trying again. I am glad I did not slink away with my tail in between my legs!